Crowne Hill ELementary

Birthday Treats

Classroom celebrations must follow healthy food guidelines.  All foods must be pre-packaged and store bought.  A brief list of items that meet the nutritional guidelines of the Temecula Valley District is as follows:

Fat-Free Popcorn

Beef Jerkey

Fruity Cheerios

Hostess 100 Calorie Packs

Mini Popcorn Cakes

Goldfish Crackers

Scribblers Popsicles

Smart Start Bars

Sugar Free Red Vines

Wheat Thin Toasted Crisps

Angel Food Cake

Fresh Fruit

Handi-Snack Pudding

Light Whipped Cream

Quaker Granola Bars


Skinny Cow Bars

String Cheese

Teddy Grahams

We urge parents to not bring cupcakes as they do not meet district nutritional guidlelines.  For more information on the district's nutritional guidelines, please visit the website at